Drupal is a very powerful website management tool for creating robust community, organization, and ecommerce websites. It has a large developers base and thousands of modules to help achieve anything your website needs. I have been developing in drupal for several years and can also create custom modules to meet the needs of you website.

I designed and developed the following systems using drupal.


Golden Bowl Sangha

Lifeways North America

Green Tree Weaving




Concrete 5 is a powerful and simple to use content management system for small scale websites. It can handle all kinds of website needs from simple one page websites to ecommerce and blogs. It's the tool I prefer to use for small websites for its ease of development and it's simplicity for updates and management.

I always seek to create sites that are simple , beautiful and easy to use. You will have the control to edit most of the elements in your website with easy to learn tools.

I designed and programmed the following websites using concrete 5

Holistic Parenting Magazine

Farm Fork Food

East Meets West Preventative Medicine

Black Cat Boulder

Parker Johnson

Crystal Activations

Steve Dewart

Laughing Coyote Project

Peace Circles




Wordpress is the most popular website management system out there. It's great for blog based websites. The following sites were designed and developed using wordpress.

Sophia Rising

Lighthouse Strategic Advisors

Choice City Telecom