sites2.jpg - Drupal Development for online learning community



  • Drupal Commons community tools
  • Commerce shopping system with paypal integration
  • Multilingual site in English and Spanish
  • Custom module development for online training system and tracking user progress
  • Private user journals and learning center
  • Affiliate marketing tracking and promotion
  • Custom design interface for engaging learning experience
  • Custom animations using jquery
  • Dynamic page load and user progress tracking using ajax


 I was given the opportunity to help aluzah bring their vision of helping people to step into their power with this beautiful engaging interactive online training website.

I worked closely with Aluzah to design the interface and develop the functionality for how users would interact with the website in their journey. We chose drupal because of its power and flexibility and ability to connect people in an online learning community.





They wanted  to have the experience that the users were in a special magical place, The lighthouse was the beacon of hope for people seeking to change their life.

I designed these beautiful welcome pages creating a montage from photographs to create a magical realistic feel for the interface.






I developed a system of popup windows for the learning content to keep everything easy to access and fast loading.








There are many different rooms for the users to interact with while they progress on their learning journey.








Each room has its own magical realism feel, actions to perform, and animations to help bring it all to life.